product features

  Easy to play:

  1. – Individual parts with a balanced degree of difficulty throughout the piece of music.
  2. – As much simplicity as possible in the rhythm, harmony and melody.
  3. – Tonalities and fingered melodic and accompaniment lines thought for a simple tuning .
  4. Simplified directions of expression, as well as rhythmic and dynamic ones.
  5. – Simplified articulations and bow strokes.
  6. – Simplified and proved bow directions and slurs.

   Easy to read:

  1. – EVERY individual part comes in 2 versions: fingered and non-fingered.
  2. – Pieces of sheet music which are spacious, have a light visual content and clear directions .
  3. Turning of staves and pages designed with care.

Easy for rehearsal:

  1. – Musical degree of difficulty distributed among the different orchestra sections.
  2. Shared protagonism and musical responsibility but the classical role of each orchestra section is maintained.
  3. Evident rhythmic and melodic connections between sections.
  4. – Accentuated sound planes (First plane, second plane).
  5. – Meeting points and easy following of the sheet music on the part of the musician through different resources such as: homophony, fermata or general signs, recurrent rhythms, repetition of musical patterns, simple variations…
  6. Simple musical structure and musical phrases signalled through double bar line and rehearsal marks.

  Extra parts:

  Fingered parts:

Completely fingered extra parts are also included.

   About our products:

Each of our products has a .ZIP extension. You will need WinZip or a similar application to unzip them. http://www.winzip.com/prod_down.html

All pieces of sheet music have a .PDF extension. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them. You can download it from here: https://get.adobe.com/es/reader/

In case of any suggestions, claims or comments, send an e-mail to easystringorchestrasheetmusic@gmail.com